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IMAGEnet i-base

Topcon IMAGEnet i-base je kompletno rešenje za snimanje, obradu i čuvanje podataka.

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Complete software solution

Topcon's IMAGEnet i-base is a complete solution for image and instrument data capturing, processing and storing. The system is designed for all professionals working with clinical information which needs to be taken care of in a logical and secured way.
Topcon IMAGEnet i-base is developed to run seamlessly with the extended range of Topcon medical equipment such as Topcon retinal cameras, slit lamps and Topcon refraction instruments. With the user-friendly layout you have full control of every instrument and with a few mouse clicks you can analyse and organize the instrument data.

Basic Module

The Basic Module forms the basis to which specialised modules can be connected. It forms the framework of the IMAGEnet i-base system. Patient data can easily be viewed and alternated. User friendly toolbars guide you through the software. The windows for captures and for viewing images are TAB based, which provide a good overview.
Users and groups are managed with and extended authorisation module. Basic tools for image enhancement are incorporated.

Advanced Module

An important feature of the Advanced Module is that it allows other modules and plug-ins to be connected to the IMAGEnet i-base system. Besides that there are several additional features that make this a very valuable addition to your i-base system. These features include preparing and viewing of proof sheets. Another feature is the creation of advanced queries in the patient database.

Tele-medicine Module

Exchanging data (images, patient data etc) between different i-base systems using so called Patient Packs, is the most important feature of the Tele-medicine module. This exchange is needed when different persons on separate locations evaluate the medical data, for instance in diabetic screening.

Refraction Module

This module supports all Topcon refraction instruments. The following types of instruments can be connected:

Tono meter data can be viewed over time in a comprehensive graph.

Eye-Doctor Module

This module adds all required functionality to use IMAGEnet i-base in a clinical environment.



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IMAGEnet i-base

IMAGEnet i-base


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