Hirurgija - PASCAL Synthesis 532nm


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PASCAL StreamlineTM combines core PASCAL® technology with enhanced patterns and powerful reporting. Designed from treating over 750,000 patients and delivering 40 million patterns, Streamline continues the PASCAL legacy of improving the photocoagulation experience for patients, physicians and practices.

Precision and control from PASCAL technology

PASCAL's unique method controrls laser delivery in four ways, enabling greater precision and control at the tissue level.

Short pulse duration

Continuous laser pulse directed by three high speed galvanometers

Precise patern spacing

Safety checks of galvo position and power

Power and simplicity of enhanced patterns

PASCAL Streamline's 2R/G software provides easy access to lens of thousands of patterns.

Robust and tailored reporting

Unique PASCAL data can be coupled with patient information.

Versatility of Streamline modules



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PASCAL Synthesis 532nm

PASCAL Synthesis 532nm


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