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Endpoint Management & PLT

Endpoint Management podešava jačinu oscilacija Pascal Streamlinea i uz finu gradaciju laserskog snopa pruža dodatnu preciznost u postavljanju vidljive ili nevidljive krajnje tačke unutar mrežnjače.

Ključne karakteristike

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The new sub threshold treatment option for Pascal. Advanced algoritms for controlled laser treatment.

New for PASCAL Streamline lasers, Endpoint Management sharpens titration with fine gradation of laser output providing further precision in setting visible or non-visible endpoints within the retina.

When applying Landmark Patterns, reference points (landmarks) offer feedback on proper dosage, treatment location and positioning of the laser.

The benefits for physicians and patients are considerable:

More options

Endpoint Management provides more physician treatment options than ever before. More precise titration ability with fine gradation of laser output and tissue sparing sub-threshold treatment options are among the benefits of this new software upgrade.

More feedback

Know where you have treated. Landmark delivers greater treatment options by providing reference points, marked advantage over other sub-visible laser application technologies.

More control

Endpoint Management offers ultra-fine control by enabling greater precision and repeatability with laser settings, providing the ability to set exacting laser endpoints. Endpoint Management algorithms gives absolute control over laser dosage.

Less complexity

Simply titrate to the desired visible endpoint and set the Endpoint Management percentage. Automated algorithms choose the best parameters for laser output, which simplifies the process by providing simple controls.

Less tissue damage

Physicians will achieve optimal results by setting the desired endpoint as a reference for the remainder of the treatment. Even if the laser pulse is sub-visible, reference markers ensure proper output is being provided.

Less uncertainty

Endpoint Management offers a level of accuracy no other subvisible laser application can match. This unique system offers simplicity of control to achieve and track the desired endpoint throughout the procedure.

By enabling a higher level of precision and repeatability, Endpoint Management algorithms give the physician more control over laser dosage. The result is faster treatments, no visible burns and more refined reference points, providing an increased advantage over other sub-visible laser applicationtechnologies.

Know your thresholds

Only Landmark can give the physician full control and visibility of laser delivery by simply setting the desired endpoint and tracking it during the treatment. Landmark patterns with Endpoint Management software provide accurate feedback with visible markers. Physicians now have full control between therapeutic boundaries and energy application.

Freedom of treatment options

For conventional treatments, use the PASCAL laser as before with Endpoint Management turned off. Enter new areas of control with new abilities that are discretionary. Then simply decide the best treatment course by turning Landmark capabilities on or off as required.

Reduction in dosing

Endpoint Management shows percentage of set values of the titrated level. Reduce output to lower percentages for sub-visible laser applications.

Improved patient comfort

Shorter pulses contribute to a reduction in the pain a patient may feel during treatment. Endpoint Management further improves this by controlling and reducing both time and power being delivered. Even the patterns themselves are designed to improve comfort by delivering the Landmark reference points last, as these have the highest output.



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Endpoint Management i PLT


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