Auto-refraktometri / kerato-refraktometar - KR-800A


Topcon ima značajno iskustvo u dizajniranju i stvaranju visoko kvalitetnih refratometara za bolju kontrolu kupaca, upoznajemo vas sa KR800 sa mogućnošću 3D automatskog poravnavanja.

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Topcon has significant experience in designing and producing high quality kerato refractometers. For greater customer experience, we introduce our new KR-800A with 3D auto alignment function. KR-800A offers enhanced efficiency and easier operation to improve day to day examination work flow in practice.

The KR-800A features a bright, 8.5 inch color touchscreen panel to control the main functions. Topcon systems have been renowned for their accuracy due to the proven Rotary Prism Technology. These new units feature this technology as well, so you can trust that accurate and stable measurements will be the norm.



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