Hirurgija - PASCAL Synthesis 577nm


Kombinujući optimalnu dužinu talasa od 577nm sa najkompletnijom I komrehensivnom konfiguracijom, PASCAL 577 nudi oftalmologu daleko superiorni tretman.

Ključne karakteristike

  • Efikasan i siguran
  • Manje raspršen
  • Manje nelagode za pacijenta
  • Jače razlučiva vizualizacija
  • Poboljšani uzorci mrežnjače

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Streamline 577 has further enhanced the groundbreaking PASCAL technology

With years of use on the market, the PASCAL family of pattern scanning lasers proves to be extremely reliable and effective. PASCAL has been tested and scrutinized, and continues to develop a body of clinical evidence. It is the only scanning photocoagulator to date with the leading number of articles and acceptance at academic centers.

The PASCAL Streamline 577 features patterns specifically designed for glaucoma with the PLT (Pattern Laser Trabeculoplasty) software for treatment of open-angle glaucoma. The Streamline 577 offers the most complete solution. It’s the best in class multi-specialty laser system.

Retina patterns

The PASCAL Streamline 577 has powerful and simple enhanced retina patterns. They provide easy access to a multitude of pattern variations to suit almost any clinical need. With the touch of a finger, you can create arrays, lines and rectangles to best match the treatment area. Triple ring patterns encapsulate a retina tear in seconds. Without removing your eyes from the oculars, the autoadvance feature automatically adjusts the pattern for easy alignment and treatment progression.

577 nm: Efficient, safe and secure

The longer wavelength of the 577 nm better targets the RPE with less scatter than 532 or 561 nm lasers. The combined absorption by both melanin and the oxyhemoglobin makes the 577 more efficient. Energy is concentrated to a smaller volume allowing use of lower powers and shorter pulse durations. Same energy applied the Pascal Streamline 577 concentrates to a smaller area, making each application more efficient.

The facts speak for themselves:

Less scatter
Compared to 532 nm or other “yellow” wavelengths (561/568 nm).
Less patient discomfort
Using lower power and shorter pulses result in less trauma and less pain.
Less “spread” after treatment
Treat closer to the macula; with fewer competing chromophores.
More efficient
The Pascal Streamline 577 gives more consistent laser lesions without the need for constant power adjustments throughout the procedure.
More precise
Longer wavelength allows better penetration through cataracts or hazy media to help concentrate laser application.
More discerning visualisation
Red-free filters allow better visualisation and landmark recognition, making this an exceptional teaching tool. Exclusively available in single-wavelength 577 nm systems.
More versatile and reliable
Known and preferred for use in the macula, the Pascal Streamline 577 now has 2000 mW of deliverable power, capable of doing all a 532 nm can do, with improved clinical efficiency.