Hirurgija - Multispot laser - Aladdin


Topcon ALADDIN ultimativni i jedinstveni sistem za optičku biometriju i topografiju. ALADDIN pomaže hirurga ne samo u kalkulaciji IOL jačine, nego mu pomaže u izboru tačne IOL jačine za svako oko individualno!

Ključne karakteristike

  • Sistem za optičku biometriju i topografiju
  • Precizna kalkulacija IOL jačine
  • Efikasno izveštavanje

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  • ALADDIN Advanced IOL Workstation (AAIW)
  • Cataract surgery is one of the most routinely and accurately performed operative procedures worldwide. Patients and surgeons alike have very high expectations for the outcomes after cataract surgery, therefore modern cataract surgery is also referred to as a phaco-refractive procedure.

Conventional optical biometers provide accurate information for determining the spherical power of the IOL, but lack in information to completely understand the refractive properties of the optical system of the eye.

Topcon presents the complete picture with the new ALADDIN. ALADDIN supports the surgeon not only in his choice of the spherical power of the IOL, but also in his choice of the right premium IOL for each individual eye.

The ALADDIN was developed with three key points in mind:

Point and shoot acquisition, all necessary measurements are taken in under 5 seconds.

Proven Interferometry technology and the new RCR Technology provide extremely accurate axial length and corneal radii information for precise determination of IOL spherical power.

Ease of use
The operator is only 3 clicks away of printing the IOL report with the precise determination of the IOL spherical power. The10.1 inch colour touchscreen monitor with its wide angle of view is very responsive and comfortable to use.

Precise IOL power calculation

Every IOL power calculation formula needs the best-possible accuracy for axial length and corneal radii measurements in order to achieve the desired outcomes. Interferometry is regarded as the gold standard for achieving precise axial length measurements. The ALADDIN also uses this proven technology and is able to penetrate an extremely high percentage of cataracts due to its proprietary design. Topcon introduces its new RCR (real corneal radii) Technology which enables the ALADDIN to analyze approx. 1.000 datapoints at 3 mm diameter and measure the corneal radii as reliable and reproducible as Topcon’s outstanding line of auto kerato-refractometers. This provides the surgeon with unsurpassed accuracy in the determination of IOL spherical power.

Efficient reporting

The ALADDIN has three summary reporting layouts to support the decision making of the surgeon and to support the communication between surgeon and patient to choose the best possible premium IOL for the individual eye.

IOL Power report
Overview of IOL spherical power for any given IOL model or IOL formula for both eyes.

Measurement report
Overview of all measurements made for both eyes.

ALADDIN report
Overview of important topographical and papillary features of both eyes that influence premium IOL choice.

Moreover, very detailed data on every single measurement feature such as the corneal topography can also be printed directly from the individual data screens.

Placido Topography

The key feature of the ALADDIN is its built-in full placido topography system, that not only supports the surgeon in his premium IOL choice, but offers all the additional diagnostic capabilities of any stand-alone topographer. From detecting and analyzing corneal irregularities to fitting contact lenses, the ALADDIN offers a broad range of functionalities.